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Minus can cool down the skin permanently by up to 8-10°C, saving athletes valuable energy.

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Did you know that an IronMan athlete spends 12 hours on average at a race? As a summer sport – races often take place in the scorching sunlight, under dog-day circumstances.

Did you know that pigmented skin absorbs up to 20% more heat compared to the Scandinavian-type skin? Apart from the scorching sun, athletes have to struggle with further thermal effects, as sunlight causes not only direct but also indirect difficulties for athletes. Heat reflected back and radiating from the ground is similarly a challenge. Just consider the homeland of IronMan competitions, the volcanic activities on the Hawaiian Islands, which means a really „hot” experience for athletes. No matter how developed the technology used to produce sun-protective clothing is, it impedes skin ventilation and acting as insulation, makes it more difficult for the body to dissipate heat.

Irrespective of weather conditions, one of the major difficulties endurance athletes face is handling the heat stress caused by muscle work. A mere 25% of the muscle work activity is utilized, while the remaining 75% is just a by-product of the work done that appears in the form of heat, which means extreme stress for the body.

Did you know that athletes cool themselves 80% by evaporation? The body can tolerate the heat stress during sport 80% by evaporation and just 15% by heat reduction, and 5% by heat radiation.

Did you know that IronMan competitors need to replenish up to 10 litres of water during the race? Evaporation is achieved mainly through perspiration, which may lead to losing up to 10 litres of water, and minerals, enzymes essential for the operation of muscles during a long-distance race, and these must be replenished continuously during the race. The challenge during refreshment is for the athlete to consume the sports drinks of the right composition while they go significantly beyond their comfort zone within the extreme circumstances. As athletes cover the major part of the distance, their appetite reduces considerably, still, they need to manage their nutrient intake continuously in order to achieve desired performance. If the utilization of nutrients and liquid is insufficient, competitors may even fail to complete the distance.

Did you know that higher humidity significantly increases the heat stress of the body? If both the external environmental temperature and the humidity are high, the heat effect may reach up to the double of the actual temperature, which poses further challenge to athletes. Higher humidity reduces the effectiveness of sweating greatly, since air filled with humidity takes up evaporating sweat to a lesser extent, which has a negative impact on the cooling of the body.

Did you know that trickling sweat has no cooling effect? Perspiration helps body-heat balance only if sweat evaporates from the skin. Trickling sweat only causes fluid loss but does not boost the cooling process.

Did you know that 70% of the human body is water? You need to take care of it, though, as losing 4% of the water balance might lead to severe dehydration, posing a threat to the normal functioning of the body.


Back as a child, youth and junior triathlon athlete,  triathlon competitions would take place in Fadd-Dombori each year, and since they were organized in early August, we were facing  scorching hot every year. Most of the running track followed the kayak course built in the Duna backwater and I daresay we all played with the thought to give up running and jump into the cool water right there right then instead. Walking in the bath then, I was thinking, whatever this experience means physiologically, I would sacrifice- a great deal- for this feeling to make the distress triggered by heat more bearable. I did not deal with the topic for a while, but the thought was planted in my head. Some months later I came across a piece of literature handling the issue of athletes’ heat economy and I was surprised to note that evaporation (sweating) is a major asset, but anyone versed in sports knows the challenges perspiration holds in terms of performance. At this point, I did not know how to proceed but I knew I hit it off to an interesting topic. Some months later I was sitting in one of the most prestigious cosmetics development labs in Hungary and shyly shared my idea with the development engineer with 45-year experience. I feared two things. He would laugh at me. Or say: ah, all request this very same thing… I was surprised to find he did not do either. He understood my concept and we commenced working together. With me adding my idea and instructions as an athlete, and him his expertise and experience, we arrived at our product known today through continuous experimenting. We attempted to compose the product in a way most useful and safest for athletes. Our main principle was to support athletes beyond their comfort zone so that they never feel compromised when using the product. The neutral scent, the skin-friendly composition and lasting effect are all functions resulted by comprehensive cooperation.

As an adult, covering the long distance is that remained from triathlon, as back then we “grew up” claiming that real triathlonists cannot die until they complete the classic IRONMAN distance (3.8 km swimming-180 km cycling-42 km running). I have managed to complete it three times so far, and today I can say that the real experience is not the completion itself, but the way to the goal which often seems rough. Following the sports secondary grammar school, my studies led me towards light industrial engineering first, then, later I oriented towards economics, a field much closer to me and earned a degree therein, too. I have spent the major part of my professional career in the telematics sector, moving up the career ladder while working in various fields. Very soon I experienced what it feels like to create something from scratch and to find talented people and meaningful goals for a vision and to realize and achieve these.  Creating Minus Sport is an incredibly exciting stage of my career and I feel lucky that it brings me together with people who have played a defining role for both me and my immediate environment ever since the triathlon discipline was established in Hungary. Even today, the enormous efforts all triathlonists experience in order to be part of this modern, highly challenging sport mean lifelong experiences and values to me. The mission of the Minus Sport team is to create products and services that support athletes in achieving their goals by making their preparation and competing more conscious and efficient at the same time.

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