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Replica Rolex Datejust

Watch enthusiasts and newbies alike would know that Tudor is Replica Rolex Datejust's sister company. Since their redesign in 2010, the brand has made waves with hits like the Tudor Black Bay or Pelagos. Tudor, once known as Replica Rolex Datejust’s younger and more affordable sibling brand, has now become a major player in the luxury watch industry.

The question of what the difference is between the watches was raised again.

Learn more about the similarities and differences between them.

TUDOR'S BIRTHDAYS"For many years, I have considered the idea of creating a watch which our agents would be able to sell for a lower price than Replica Rolex Datejust,Replica Rolex Datejust but one that would still achieve the reliability standard that Replica Rolex Datejust is known for." - Hans Wilsdorf

Hans Wilsdorf founded Tudor in 1926, just six years after founding Replica Rolex Datejust. He wanted to create an affordable, yet viable alternative to his powerhouse brand.

Wilsdorf wanted Tudor to succeed. He gave them two of the most important Replica Rolex Datejust elements - the Oyster Case and the self-winding "rotor" movement.

Tudor Pelagos & Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Replica Rolex Datejust then released more affordable versions of its watches.panerai radiomir replica For example, the Tudor Submariner ref. 7922 was released only one year after Replica Rolex Datejust Submariner's launch. Also, the Oyster, Prince, and Prince Oyster lines were introduced.

Tudor has become known over the years as Replica Rolex Datejust’s less-known sibling. It is the brand people buy when they want to own a Replica Rolex Datejust, but can't afford it.